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Osprey Talon 33

Backpacking Packs are designed to distribute a lot of extra weight across the body - weight due to the pack also being made to carry a wide variety of extra gear. Hip belts, daisy chains and straps are all necessary features of a quality Backpacking pack. Suspension packs, especially popular when you need to carry sleeping bags and additional tools, do even more to distribute weight for extra long hiking trips. See our selections of Backpacking Packs

Thule EnRoute Blur 2 Daypack

Day Hiking Backpacks, or “Daypacks” are smaller than most backpacks, and designed for short day hikes, school, or "day" trips around around and about, are probably the most popular of all backpack categories. This is due to their versatility, and slightly lower cost than full-size backpacks. Most daypacks have ample pockets for a day's worth of clothing and paraphernalia, plus such additional features as water bottle and ipod holders. Some may have built-in laptop sleeves, and most have internal organizer panels to secure pens, cards, keys and cell phones. See our selections of Day Hiking Backpacks

High Sierra Longshot 70 Hydration Pack

Hydration Backpacks Proper hydration, critical when engaging in many strenuous activities, is far easier with a hydration backpack, that feature a 50-70 oz. reservoir that holds enough water for moderate activities over for periods of from 1 to 4 hours, or a backpack with up to a 100 oz. or more reservoir, designed for multi-hour or all-day high-energy activities. Hydration Backpacks also include additional storage pouches for snacks, keys, wallets, books, clothing, and more. See our selections of Hydration Backpacks

Wildkin Sidekick Backpack

Kids Backpacks Designed to fit the size requirements, to promote proper orthopedic needs, and to be attractive and appealing, to active kids, Kids' Backpacks are designed specifically for short-torsod children, and are usually 16" or under in length. Kids' Backpacks selections include not only "novelty' models, but include smaller versions of most other backpack styles, including hiking and hydration backpacks. Most, however, are not meant for heavy loads of books or other gear, but are instead ideal for clothing, lunches and small accessories. Kids' wheeled uprights and duffels will also be smaller, and have shorter handle lengths than those made for teens and adults. See our selections of Kids Backpacks

Case Logic 16

Laptop Backpacks Travel around town, walk to school, or bike to work, and keep you laptop safe and secure, with a Laptop Backpack. Laptop Backpacks are a comfortable and affordable way to carry and protect a laptop. Important hint: Before you buy, make sure to measure the 3-way dimensions of your laptop in its closed position, and compare it to the stated laptop compartment dimensions of the backpack you're considering. See our selections of Laptop Backpacks

Airbac Groovy

School Backpacks are used for carrying mundane school paraphernalia such as books, school supplies, coats, and lunches, to and from school on a daily basis, are generally simple models, Given the rough, constant use they are put through, generally speaking, better quality School Backpacks, have a better chance of lasting throughout a school year, or longer. Of course, School Backpacks must be fashionable, and new designs, colors, and features are available in early summer each year. The better the backpack, the more features are included, and key features to look for include a large main compartment, plus smaller compartments, accessory pockets and an organizer panel for cell phones keys, etc. Additional features may include water bottle holders, laptop sleeves, and /iPod pockets. See our selections of School Backpacks

High Sierra Ultimate Access 2.0 Carry On Wheeled Backpack with removable daypack

Wheeled Backpacks fall into 2 primary types - travel packs and book packs. Wheeled travel backpacks are ideal for any trip, When the terrain gets rough, they easily convert quickly from rolling luggage to backpack carry via hidden backpack straps. Wheeled book packs are primarily designed for school use, where bookloads are too heavy for traditional backpacks. See our selections of Wheeled Backpacks


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